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Terms and Policies
1. Prerequisite
The tenant must be older than 23 years.
2. License
Driver must have either E.U. or International driver's license held for at least  3 years.
3. Additional Requirements
Additional conditions are not required.

4. Insurance
Fully comprehensive insurance with no self risk. 100% Insurance against personal damages.
Insurance for the driver and the passengers
The insurance does not cover breakdowns, etc. for drivers under the influence of alcohol, drugs or similar.
5. Fines
Fines, warnings u.s.w. incurred during the tenancy to charge the Mietnehmer.
The gasoline is paid by the driver.
6. Rates
The rental price includes the VAT and all additional charges included.
A prepayment upon booking is not required in principle.
7. Vehicle collection and delivery
The vehicle collection and return will take place at the Current Agreement instead.
Child seats are provided free of charge.
Navigational equipment and roof boxes are available.
8    PERSONAL DATA: The Lessee hereby consents to his/her data being duly and lawfully recorded. It is expressly understood that the Lessor shall be entitled to make use of such data in case of unlawful actions or omissions of the Lessee or in the event of the latter being in breach of the terms of this lease agreement.